About Us

Hi lovelies!
Hanineo.com did not exist until 2015, we have been playing the role
as a manufacturer as well as a supplier ever since. Our factories
in Vietnam and Philippines have been making clothes for many famous
brands. However, according to the service agreements, we are unable
to disclose their names. Our designers and workers have made clothes
for millions of women in past ten years. Watching our clients sharing
photos online with their big smiles makes us realize that what we
are producing is not just clothes, but also happiness and joy.
Now we are operating our own business - Hanineo.com. We sell products
directly made by our own factories with high quality but lower price.
We believe this a mutual benefits for both our clients and us manufacturers.
 Hanineo.com was created by a small team of young people who were inspired
to make a difference in the fashion industry.
An Unbiased Platform for Independent Designers. Instead of inviting
big fashion brands to sell their new designs on our website.
Hanineo.com is devoted to creating an unbiased platform for small
brands and yet-to-be-famous designers who are seeking bigger audiences
for their designs. We exert to make a difference to the traditional business
mode of fashion industry by skipping unnecessary procedure of middlemen between
customers and designers. By doing so, we are able to deliver the latest designs to
our valued customers in the fastest speed and to a widest reach.Hanineo.com
provides support to fashion designers and brands that are highly engaged in
using recyclable materials throughout their creation. Due to the founder’s
experience of fashion industry in early years, Hanineo.com team pays extra
attention to the welfare of employees. Furthermore, Hanineo.com would only
cooperate with brands that offer fair treatment and salary to their employees.
 Hanineo.com donates part of its revenue to charities to help tackle issues
of extreme poverty around the world.
If you have any questions, please contact at haninee528@gmail.com

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